5 chilly weather condition physical fitness tips

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In the winter the temperatures decrease as well as the days get shorter.  I like running  but it is extremely difficult to stay inspired when the chilly weather condition hits.  If you can’t believe of any type of great physical fitness concepts since you are stuck inside your home below are some fantastic tips to assist you get your butt in gear this winter.

“Skier” by taoty freedigitalphotos.net

Create a physical fitness area in Your HomeDesignate a space or part of a space for a house gym.  It can be a corner of your living room, or the spare bedroom that nobody uses. location a yoga mat, some lightweight dumbbells or kettlebells, a jump rope, TV as well as DVD player as well as your preferred physical fitness videos in the space or space. You can likewise hang fun motivational posters to assist motivate you to utilize your new house gym.  Make sure you keep your physical fitness devices away from little kids to prevent injury.

Schedule Your Workouts Healthy adults should take part in one hour of physical activity at least 4 days a week. If discovering the time to work out is a difficulty routine it on your calendar.  You can likewise purchase a physical fitness diary, like The in shape Book, which assists you keep track of your physical fitness goals as well as schedule. when you have arranged your workouts make sure you stick with it. set a reminder on your wise phone or computer up until you get utilized to the new routine.

Participate in winter SportsMany neighborhoods have amateur sport leagues for adults run by the parks as well as entertainment department or the regional YMCA.  These leagues are fairly inexpensive, assist you stay in shape as well as are fantastic chances for adults to socialize.  Check with your neighborhood center, parks as well as entertainment department or YMCA to see what sports they offer for adults in the winter.

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Get Outside

If it gets below zero where you online in the winter this may not be an choice for you. However, for many of us the chilly temperatures are tolerable with appropriate clothing. Skiing as well as snowshoeing are fun physical activities you can enjoy during the winter. Going for walks or running can likewise be fun in the winter as long as you are using warm outerwear.  Get creative! building snow forts as well as snowmen with your kids is a fantastic workout during the chilly months of the year.

Turn on Your preferred music as well as DanceDancing to up-tempo music is a fantastic cardio workout.  You can do this alone or with your kids.  A great cardio workout like dancing, performed in the mid afternoon or early evening will likewise assist you get a much better night’s sleep.

Exercise as well as physical physical fitness assists you preserve a healthy weight, protect you from diabetes as well as heart disease, assists you offer with stress as well as promotes healthy sleep patterns. The chilly winter months make it harder for many Americans to keep up with their physical fitness routines.  With the right tools as well as innovative concepts you do not have to put physical fitness on the back burner this winter.

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just when you’re starting to have fun, the toy breaks, the battery dies, or that important piece snaps off the model! What’s a pro parent to do? I have saved myself as well as my household a excellent offer of toy-related heartache with a basic solution: a toy repair work box. This box sits in the wardrobe as well as uses whatever we requirement for a quick toy repair.

Avoid catastrophe with these quick fixes for toy crises

No a lot more digging with the junk drawer in the kitchen area in browse of that elusive coin-shaped enjoy battery or small screwdriver. The toy repair work box absolutely has it all!

So what’s in my toy repair work box?

The contents will depend precisely what kinds of toys your youngsters are into, however for our family, this is what works:

Regular batteries of all sizes: AA, AAA, C, D, as well as 9 volt are the most useful. We utilize AA as well as AAA the most often, so I just keep a mason jar of each as a supplement to my toy repair work box.

Watch batteries – most likely in 2 sizes – you can get a big pack at a hardware store or on Amazon

Coin size batteries

HEXBUG-compatible batteries

Glue: Both incredibly glue as well as gorilla glue manage different kinds of fixes

A little hand pump for blowing things up (balls, balloons, pool floats)

Flathead as well as Philips screwdrivers in a small size

Do you have a toy repair work box? What would you add to yours?

[All pictures by Karen Merzenich]


how to make a small water table for babies

Looking for a way for a baby to delight in some summertime water play? Easy! inspired by parent Hacker Misty, we like to turn baby’s high chair tray into a small water table for warm weather splashing on hot days (works indoors or on the patio — mind your nicer floors!). Whitney’s niece models this maneuver for us.

As discovered on ParentHacks, we adore this suggestion to fill baby’s high chair tray with water for cooling off on hot days. mama Misty suggested this activity for hot, housebound babies everywhere. I especially appreciate trying the high-chair-as-water-table when I am jailed by another napping child.

Misty reports: baby Madeline’s high chair has a very deep lip, enough to hold about half an inch of water. Misty filled that with tap water, stripped her down, and let her splash around as she wants. It is amusing to see her reaction when she splashes herself, and her apparent enjoyment of the new experience.

Misty’s original small water table

[This fun trick discovered on ParentHacks; photos by Emily Moss and Misty Poush; used with permission]

Friends – An crucial part of our support Network

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I was going to phone call this post ‘Friends – a Lifeline to Sanity’ since I feel that buddies are an crucial part of our private support network. Some people refer to everybody they understand as a friend. I like to phone call that large group of people ‘people that we are friendly with’ as, for me, a true buddy is somebody with whom we have a true as well as sincere connection.

I do not feel that we requirement to have understood a great buddy for a long long time. often it is possible to type an immediate empathic connection with somebody with whom we have only just recently ended up being acquainted, as well as that person can ended up being an crucial ally as well as a close buddy rather quickly. I am an advocate of spring cleaning our steady of buddies from time to time as we can often keep people in our lives just since they have always been there, even when they are a unfavorable or regrettable influence.

Some people are fair weather condition friends. These people can be great fun to be around, however they have their limitations. They are no great in a dilemma or when recommendations is needed. If we recognise their great points then they can be a useful distraction from issues as well as supply a fun outlet whenever we satisfy up. however with them the ground policy is ‘no complications’.

Other people are great at being foul weather condition friends. These people are fantastic issue solvers as well as are extremely supportive at tough times. They may not be thinking about a vibrant social time or in mixing with great deals of other people, however they are reliable, credible allies as well as extremely special to have around.

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Many people are a mix of both fair as well as foul weather condition friends. They are people with whom we share great deals of different times as well as experiences in life. They appreciate that often we are sad, mixed up, confused, as well as do not judge us terribly for it, since they likewise understand that there are validreasons for us feeling that method as well as they understand. They likewise understand that there are lots of times when we are fun to be with as well as that we are likewise supportive of them when required.A great buddy assists us keep our feet on the ground, however does not prevent us from achieving our goals or from trying something new. A great buddy phone calls when we miss the gym, however comprehends if we requirement to take a day off as well as phone calls round for a coffee as well as a chat., encourages us on our diet, however appreciates when we requirement to have a splurge. A great buddy is likewise able to point out when we are over-reacting to a situation, or in risk of making an error of judgement. We can depend on what they are stating since we value as well as respect their point of view as well as why they are stating these things. They supply us with the time as well as chance to safely show on what we are performing in our life as well as perhaps re-evaluate our reactions as well as responses.

Having buddies is likewise a useful lesson in life – it teaches us about sharing, comprehending somebody elses’ point of view as well as about having a broader point of view on a range of situations. Being respectful of people as well as the method that they online their lives as well as exactly how it works for them is an crucial part of building close relationships. It is interesting to see the range as well as depth of different human relationships, as well as we discover about them by ending up being close to others as well as seeing exactly how people believe as well as interact.

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By taking time as well as making the effort to be buddies with people develops a close support team for ourselves as well as likewise teaches us much about other people as well as the lots of different methods of living effectively. crucial lessons in human interaction are the cornerstone to a healthy as well as viable life.Susan Leigh, Counsellor as well as Hypnotherapist,http://www.lifestyletherapy.net/

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PACK FOR THE medical facility

I’m going to be completely truthful with you – the only things you really need to bring to the medical facility are an outfit to bring home baby in and a carseat. I know this because baby #2 came so fast (like one hour from the first inkling I might be having a contraction to full on delivery) that I showed up to the medical facility with nothing. Nothing! but guess what? I survived. The medical facility offered a sexy gown, socks, baby diapers, cafeteria meals – all the necessities for a sterile two-day no-fuss stay.

However, if you want to feel much more at home, here’s a good list of things you might want to consider packing (well in advanced) in your medical facility bag:


nursing bra/nursing tank

nursing pads

pads (with wings)

underwear (disposable ones are even better!)


phone charger

mental list of nearby restaurants to purchase takeout

small makeup bag


hair ties


entertainment – music/book/magazine

yoga pants and a flowy t-shirt to come home in

outfit for baby to come home in

blanket for baby

car seat

and if you’re feeling really prepared and nested – goodies for the nurses – because count on me, they are awesome at making you feel at home, even when you know you’re not.

Having been through childbirth before, I just keep thinking, which items on these lists will make the baby come out faster? Let’s bring only those things.

Everything I need to know I learned From a little golden book (Book review Pedcast)

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Audio Playerhttps://healthymomsmagazine.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Everything-I-Need-to-Know-I-Learned-From-a-Little-Golden-Book-Book-Reveiw-Pedcast.mp3


Welcome to another edition of portable practical Pediatrics. I’m your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a board certified pediatrician with 34 years of practice and a lot to say. thanks for joining me today. I recently came across a gem of a book that I thought you might be interested in sharing with your children. remember those little golden books we read when we were early readers. Yeah, you remember, the ones with the gold binding, hard cardboard colorful covers, and cartoon illustrated stories inside. recall also that the books typically had moral lessons embedded within the stories. Well in 2013, Diane Muldrow, a long time editor of the little golden Books, put together snippets from many of the golden books that contained wisdom that she thought children and adults could benefit from today.Reminders like “Stay curious” and “Sing even if you can’t hold a tune”, and “Use your imagination”, and “Be a hugger”, and many many more. Aren’t these wonderful things for children to hear and live. I love them. Each life lesson has an illustration from an original golden book that makes the content not only formational for young minds but really fun to look at for children of all ages.If you have a young child in your house and want to get them away from a video screen, impart some wisdom, entertain them with whimsical art, and maybe even start some terrific conversations, I strongly recommend you get a copy of this book and start enjoying. I think you will find the values and advice in The little golden books very refreshing and on point in today’s world. Apparently, a lot of other folks think the book has value since  Everything I need to know I learned From a little golden book has made it to the big leagues, new York Times best seller list. Not bad for a cartoon book.

If you have book ideas for my review or want to recommend books that you think other families will enjoy, please send me a comment at my blog, www.docsmo.com. Not only do I love to hear from you, but you will be helping other families. always a good thing. This is Doc Smo, helping you take a good look, at another terrific book. until next time.

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twice my preschool-age son went to the Ringling siblings Circus, as well as twice we left at intermission.

Heather serves her kids vanilla yogurt or berries and phone calls it dessert. She routinely steals the chocolate treat from their cocoa servings before they have observed it. Heck, normally she doesn’t even let them drink a full cocoa, she cuts it with milk as well as blames the incredibly hot temperature.

A cocoa this size? That’s for mommy!

We get “all-you-can-visit” membership passes to zoos and museums so we can clear out at the tiniest hint of a tantrum without fretting that we have lost money on single-use tickets.

Are we the meanest mommies around?

I would suggest not.

We just share a approach that little kids requirement whatever in little doses.

An simple example: I would not serve a 2-year old a full surf as well as turf meal as well as ask her to clean her plate. Why would I expect her to take pleasure in a full day at Disneyland? Well, I didn’t!

While we took our huge kid to Disneyland, we left bit sibling at home.

Her day included a see to the Disney store with Grandma. Is that so wrong? She got three healthy meals as well as a long nap, plus time to unhurriedly fondle Snow White costumes as well as stuffed Nemos at her own pace.

At the end of their trips, they both got the age-appropriate dose of Disney (and we saved huge on park admission prices!)

Travel can be full of interesting experiences for kids, however their capability to process entertainment, food, as well as other stimulation is on a smaller scale than ours.

So if you see me eating my daughter’s cupcake at a birthday celebration this weekend, you’ll comprehend why. I do it for HER.

How to create quality relationships

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Most of us like to have that special someone in our lives, someone to come home to, a friend, a lover, a confidante to share the good and the bad with. Our thoughts, ideas or just our time with.

Over time that relationship may well be nearly forgotten about because it’s there, all the time, wintertime and summer, and it can be very easy, in the midst of other pressing demands on our time and attention, to commit all our energy and enthusiasm to a growing family or cultivating a occupation or getting our finances in a better place. When a relationship feels good and is reputable and comfortable, it can be all too easy to put that relationship on the back burner and let it take care of itself. It’s only when our partner starts to maybe get a little restless with us or appear disinterested in us, or start to do other things away from us that we may well start to get that wake up call and realise that all is not well.

This wake up call can be just that and does not necessarily symbolize the end of a relationship. In fact, it can be the start of a new, a lot more mature and loving phase of the relationship.

So, let’s look at ways of getting things back on track for both of you. start by identifying what is going on, what is going wrong for your partner. Ask questions. listen to the answers. They may feel bored, not listened to, not loved, taken for granted. They may be aware of getting older and have unfulfilled dreams and desires that they wanted or still want to achieve.

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Take time out to commit to an undisturbed conversation with your partner. Some people find that they can do this at home and they switch off the TV, the telephone, set up a sleepover for the children. other people may find it much easier to go out to a place like a restaurant or bar, where they can talk and have a pleasurable evening together. other people like the structure of a couples counselling session, where the counsellor supplies the neutral environment and makes sure that both people have the opportunity to talk, uninterrupted by the other, say what they want to say and keep to the relevant topic, not digress into other subject areas away from what is really important. A framework can help avoid common pitfalls like accusations and and keep the atmosphere respectful of each others’ viewpoints.Whatever option is chosen, it’s crucial to maintain the commitment to each other and not treat it as a one off exercise.

Some other positive input can include:– have a meal together once a week. even if it’s at home, shower, put on great clothes, make up or shave. set the table. demonstrate that the time together matters to you.– remember what it was that attracted you to each other in the first place. Reminisce. – Take care to listen to each other. Be genuinely interested in what you are being told. Ask questions. remember what you have been told. It can take a little time for this to become a kicked back and natural part of your life, but it is worth it.– having quality communications establishes a good basis to your relationship. A strong friendship built on caring, sharing and genuine interest in each other.– Take time to choose a walk, stop and have a drink in a country pub along the way.– find an interest that you can both enjoy, like a project in the garden or learning a language together.

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Shared interest don’t have to be expensive. just interests that you can share.

Susan Leigh, Counsellor and Hypnotherapistwww.lifestyletherapy.net

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7 incredibly ideas FOR mommy and baby HALLOWEEN costumes

considering that I can still fit into my 9th grade cheerleading outfit (that’s a brag, not a humble brag), I have used it a lot more than once on Halloween to coordinate with my son’s football player costume. I bet some of you would like to dress up in partnership with your babes as well. We love mommy and baby Halloween costumes and whole family Halloween costumes, too. here are 7 swell ideas on a range of creative themes.

Here are 7 Super ideas for mommy and baby Halloween Costumes:

1. Wizard of Oz Duo mommy & baby Costume

We’ll kick off this list of ideas with an charming Wizard of Oz duo. After all, you can’t go wrong with a baby in a fluffy lion suit!

Find my favorite baby lion costume here and the best Dorothy costume for mama here.

Baby lion and mommy is Dorothy

2. star Wars

Heather already declared her love for Princess Leia as a mommy costume. Her reasoning; it masks a post-partum stomach and allows kids of any age to be Luke Skywalker or any number of other star Wars personality. So what if Leia and Yoda never actually interact in the legends? This day is about fantasy.

Check out the best Princess Leia costume here!

Toddler is Yoda, mommy is Princess Leia

3. toy story Crew

A baby Woody and mama Jessie make for an charming Halloween duo! Your little one could also dress up as Buzz or even Mr. Potato Head. The rest of the family can also hop in and be part of the toy story crew considering that there are so lots of characters!

The outfits in the picture are available on Amazon but also be sure to check out the pajama version of Woody here.

Toy story costumes in all sizes

4. The sports Theme

There are tons of options when it pertains to creating a mommy & me sports Halloween costume. You can dress your baby as a football and then be a football player, referee, or cheerleader. You can get hold of an outfit from Etsy to make this an easy costume or get your crafty pants on and make make with a brown onesie and fabric paint.

Alternatively, your baby can dress up as a sports superstar with a souvenir jersey. add black face paint under the eyes. You can go as the referee!

Order a referee tee shirt here. (Just add black pants or leggings!).

Referee costumes are easy to wear

5. The Bee Keeper and Her Bee

This costume really is the bee’s knees! It is a true mommy & me costume with an outfit for mommy and carrier cover so you can continue babywearing even on Halloween. This indicates you’ll be hands-free to chow down on candy.

Check it out here!

6. Muppets

For Muppet fans, dress your baby as Kermit and yourself miss Piggy. However, I’m not wild about the way the miss Piggy store-bought costume looks. I think it would be better to rock a Hollywood-style dress with miss Piggy’s glamourous style than the lady in this picture, so let’s forget about her and imagine Adele instead.

Dad, please don’t try to join the party as Gonzo. It’s scary.

7. Barista & a Pumpkin spice Latte

Take your love of Starbucks to a whole new level by dressing up as a barista and a little latte!

You can find a barista costume here. And, how cute is this coffee cup costume?

It also comes in a long sleeve version if you live in colder climates!

Comes with the signature hat as well!

Save these ideas on Pinterest for later!

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how you can tell I am still a rookie: I am fumbling through preschool soccer lessons! I registered Milo for his first organized classes (since music together years ago) to celebrate his love for ball-sports (and his favorite red shorts). soccer drills and skills are taught along with songs and games (which he also loves). The first few lessons, he showed rapt attention and an aptitude for soccer that surprised and amazed me. Go kid go. The last few lessons, he demonstrated typical toddler lack-of-attention and amused defiance. stop kid stop.

But my dilemma is this: what was I supposed to do about it?

Milo during a cooperative moment

Whenever Milo asked me, “Mommy, join the circle,” I sat or stood by him attentively. other times, I tried to blend in with the spectating parents in the margins. but what’s my role when he’s carrying his ball off in the opposite direction of the class? Do I intervene or leave it to the coach? Does she want parental support or to take care of it herself? And, since it is soccer for two- and three-year olds, isn’t she expecting a certain amount of terrible behavior?

Gratuitous video of my kid kicking ass ball.