All I want For Christmas is a Full, sexy Pout

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A full pout is sexy. Luscious lips are alluring. think of Angelina Jolie’s pillow lips that ensnared Brad Pitt. Yet in Asian culture, a small red mouth is delicate and feminine. think of the Japanese geishas with their painted mouthss. That crimson mouth painted on the white mask is much smaller than the actual mouth, giving the illusion of tiny, dainty smile that the orients find feminine.

East or West, sexy lips are rosy and smooth. healthy conditioned lips are beautiful.

Start off with proper lipcare. wear a lipbalm in any way times, day and night and especially when you sleep. You could invest in a rich balm made of organic, natural ingredients, or you could smear vaseline on your mouth before you go to bed.

Besides moisturizing your lips, remember to exfoliate them.

You can apply a thick coat of balm on your pout, then use a dry toothbrush to brush your lips and exfoliate them.

Or you could make a scrub with honey and raw sugar. apply a mixture of the two on your kisser. Leave them on for 5 minutes to moisturize your pout. then gently rinse it off with water, rubbing your mouth gently with finger ideas as you use the sugar particles to exfoliate the skin.

FusionBeauty BlingFusion Lip Plump color Shine, After Hours

After exfoliating your lips, apply a balm to moisturize and secure your lips so that even your bare lips stay soft, rosy and very kissable.

In keeping with the natural look, you can pretty up your pout and make lips look fuller with lipgloss. instead of a single gloss, use 2 lipglosses and a liquid highlighter.

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1. pick a lipgloss 1 or 2 shades darker than the inside of your lip. 2. pick a pale pink, shimmery gloss for the highlight shade. 3. apply the darker lip gloss over your entire mouth. 4. Outline the bow on top mouth with the liquid highlighter 5. put a dab of shimmery pale pink gloss on the center of the lower pout

Voila. Your kisser looks quickly fuller, prettier and a lot more sensual. If you really want to vamp it up, go red. Crimson lips are downright sexy.

1. Line mouth with a nude pencil to keep color pigments from bleeding. 2. paint the lipstick on the lips with a brush. 3. Blot with kleenex and powder lips with a translucent powder 4. paint another layer of lipstick on mouth with the brush. 5. add a touch of shimmer on the center of the lower lip.

Want even fuller lips? If bee stung lips like Ms Jolie’s are your obsession, you might want to check out the plastic surgeon for collagen injections to plump up your mouth. If that is too drastic, try a plumper.

DuWop Pink Shimmer Lip Venom

Some plumpers, like Duwop lip venom use vital oils to mildly irritate the mouth so that the lips swell up.The newer ones, like Lipfusion use dehydrated collagen to plump up the lips once the formula is absorbed through the thin skin.

Both Lipfusion and LipVenom are amongst the appeal editor picks for

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Tips for assisting kids ended up being empathetic

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Children are by nature egocentric – in other words, their world revolves around them. They are especially tuned into what they want as well as what they believe they need, as well as for the very first years of their lives parents tend to most of their desires.

Grandparents as well as parents alike fawn, to different degrees, over the infant as well as then the toddler. He really is the center of attention, so it is simple to see exactly how kids can begin to believe that their world revolves around them. as well as suddenly, we have a 4 or 5 year old who has problem comprehending exactly how others feel or realizing that other people are important, too. Not surprising, is it? however all of us hope to raise kids who are empathetic as well as caring individuals. So exactly how does a kid discover to believe about one more person’s feelings as well as care about other people’s needs as well as situations? The parents of my preschool as well as kindergarten trainees commonly asked me that question, so I’ll fill you in on my solution to them.Be a function modelChildren discover so extremely much by watching the important adults in their lives. When they see their parents treating others kindly as well as with consideration, they discover that this is exactly how people behave. kids likewise discover exactly how to show empathy as well as caring by watching you. If they watch you listen to a good friend who seems distressed as well as watch you put an arm around the friend’s shoulder, they are discovering exactly how to console a good friend who is upset. When a kid sees an adult reveal concern by asking concerns such as: “How are you feeling?” or “What can I do to help?” they discover specific methods to show that they care. discuss your habits with your child. explain when as well as why you are offering assist or expressing concern. A simple explanation will do the trick, so details about personal circumstances is not necessary. however a deliberate conversation highlighting the importance of caring about a good friend as well as showing that you care assists kids comprehend what caring is all about.In addition, when kids observe their parents being empathetic, they get the message that this character trait is valued as well as important. So when a parent asks his kid to show somebody that he cares, the kid understands that this is habits his parents adhere themselves.Step in to guide your childBe specific when directing your kid to be empathetic. let him understand when somebody (a good friend or relative) is feeling unfortunate as well as discuss what he can do to assist this person feel better. Brainstorm some concepts that may prove helpful. The conversation alone promotes empathy as well as caring in a child. Also, let your kid understand that sometimes just expressing concern goes a long method to assisting somebody feel less upset. Talk about feelingsTalking about feelings assists kids comprehend feelings as well as likewise lets them understand that it is okay to have a range of feelings as well as to talk about them. kids commonly lump feelings into two classifications – great (happy) or poor (sad). This is not helpful, for a number of reasons.First, feelings are not great or bad. It may be more precise to explain feelings as appropriate or inappropriate. feeling unfortunate when you are upset is appropriate, not bad. feeling happy when somebody else is hurt is inappropriate. Secondly, there are many more feelings that just “happy” or “sad.”Use a range of words to explain your feelings. Are you concerned, distressed, delighted, surprised, disappointed, fearful, lonely, or nervous? utilize a range of feelings words to assist your kid comprehend exactly how he is feeling, also.Looking at kindergarten worksheets that focus on feelings as well as emotions can be a wonderful introduction to speaking about feelings as well as assisting your kid comprehend their importance. When he can more accurately explain his feelings, he will likewise be able to more totally comprehend exactly how one more person is feeling.

Have high expectationsI believe that kids increase to the occasion, so to speak. When we have high, yet attainable, expectations, kids aim to fulfill them. If you observe your kid being unkind or uncaring, let him understand promptly that this response is not acceptable. He’ll soon comprehend your expectations. as well as when you observe your kid acting with empathy, let him understand that his actions are appreciated. When your kid realizes that you believe he is a caring friend, he will see himself in that method also.

For info on assisting your kid establish important school-readiness skills, please see Renee at for a kindergarten readiness test as well as free kindergarten worksheets.

Renee Abramovitz is a a former preschool as well as kindergarten instructor who retired in 2008 to ended up being a “full-time grandma” to her four lovely grandsons. She is passionate about the concept that all parents are their child’s very first as well as most important instructor as well as strives to provide parents the tools as well as confidence they requirement to effectively work with their kids at home. Renee shares tips for working with young kids at where she offers a free kindergarten readiness test parents can take to assess their child’s readiness to begin institution plus hundreds upon numerous free kindergarten worksheets for parents to utilize at house with their children.

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Eating healthy to celebrate March’s national Nutrition Month

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Spring is the season of rejuvenation, and it is the best time to ramp up a healthy eating routine.

The best way to start is by giving the refrigerator and cabinets a healthy spring cleaning. get rid of processed foods that come in boxes, and anything made with white flour or refined sugar. swap out sweet treats for fresh fruit, and replace salty snacks and chips with healthy roasted nuts.  If a product has unpronounceable ingredients, get it out of the kitchen and step towards healthier, all-natural foods.

Eating healthy is a choice, and it’s a choice that leads to a lot more energy, sharper mental clarity, greater focus, and better sleep; not to mention a leaner physique and a lot more toned abs. stock up the refrigerator with leafy green vegetables and hormone-free eggs and meats. I recommend switching out white rice and pasta for protein-rich quinoa and whole grains.  These basic changes can considerably improve the entire family’s health in a short amount of time.

Cooking healthy, budget-friendly meals is easy with recipes on SideChef! once the kitchen is cleaned out and re-stocked, check out kale bowls, scrambles, snacks and smoothies that will deceive the family into thinking they are being decadent.

Here are some really basic ways to transition to cleaner eating:

1) Make sauces and salad dressings from scratch: Bottled, store-bought versions are filled with corn syrup and unpronounceable chemicals.  SideChef has lots of easy dressing options, but one of my favorites is a mix of balsamic, olive oil, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

2) skip the bread: try wrapping sandwiches in a strong green such as collard or romaine lettuce. If preparing breakfasts at home, swap out toast for a lean turkey patty or almond butter covered apple slices.  Hundreds of empty calories can be cut out of diets this way.

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4) Re-purpose vegetables:  The same kale gotten for salads can be thrown into smoothies and tossed into quinoa bowls.  The broccoli purchased as a side for chicken can be added to scrambles and salads as well.  Experiment in the kitchen and have fun by adding extra vegetables to meals in creative ways. See SideChef for guidance.

By Elise Joan for The healthy mommies blog MagazineFor a detailed and easily accessible fitness routine to go along with your new eating choices, check out yoga and fitness flows on*image credit:

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Woohoo! It’s our first Fearless Friday post. (Send in your own; instructions are here.)

Without further ado, Ariana shares her Adventures of One very small boy and One Rookie Mom:

I gave birth to our first child, Lars Magnus, on may 11, 2010. since then upstate NY has been unbearably hot. I like to think it’s the world helping Lars adjust to life outside the womb ”“ or playing a cruel trick on me because breastfeeding in 100+ degree weather is sticky and tricky.

We had blown through all our good diapers. We were down to a pack of Target brand size 1s that run big/tend to leak. someone had given them to us so we figured we’d use them, but after the third leaky poo spot on mine and Lars’ clothes, I snapped and needed good diapers!

We’ve been using, until we figured out that they are actually cheaper at Walmart. You just have to admit to the world that Yes, you do shop at Walmart, and you also have to actually go to Walmart, which can be fun, terrifying, trying, and eye-opening. So, having decided that I needed some Huggies ASAP, I braved the 100-degree Saturday with my 8-week old boy to make a journey to Walmart.

Lars slept in the car, and in the store, and we were doing so well that I decided to pick up a few other things, razor blades, a chocolate bar, you know, the necessities.

Ok, and I’ll admit it, I tried on shorts from the Miley Cyrus line. Why? because I needed clothes that fit me and refuse to believe that I’ll be this size long enough to sink money into good clothes. Well apparently I got cocky with my perfectly happy, sleeping baby. I should’ve just gone in, made a mad dash for the diaper section and checked out because”¦ Lars woke up – SCREAMING!!!!! I quickly put back the too-big nursing bra I was inspecting, and tried to steer my cart — which of course sported a wobbly wheel because smooth-running carts only exist when I go to a store with my husband — out of the narrow aisles of lingerie.

Meanwhile, a little girl, probably about nine years old, was trying to soothe Lars/staring at us/telling her mom the baby’s crying. Oh really? I hadn’t heard him ”“ from across the store!!! She was actually being really sweet, but child, PLEASE don’t touch my kid!!!! Not helping! So we get around the undies and the mom and daughter team, and I make my way to the checkout lanes. Lars is still wailing. A helpful associate notices my situation (ok, lets be real, everyone does) and offers to ring me up right away. She does a great job of being speedy, and even puts my bag in my cart for me; thanks lady! but Ms. helpful doesn’t stop there. She then comes closer and says something brilliant, like “someone’s unhappy” and though I know she means Lars, she could be talking about me too. and then she tries to comfort him by talking to him and TOUCHING HIS TOES!!!! I don’t like strangers touching my baby.

I definitely don’t like strangers in Walmart touching my baby!!!

The lady was blocking my exit route, so I had to politely ask her to move, all the while depressing the urge to run over her toes with my cart and then high five Lars. Lars was still crying.

As soon as we got out of Walmart and into the hot humid parking lot, he calmed down. I know buddy, I hate Walmart too. I guess that’s why exists.

Lars is 10 and a half weeks old now. He’s awesome and pretty easy to take to places. He’s gone out to eat many times, gone swimming (ok sat in the shade by a friend’s pool), sailing and hiking. I think he always was pretty easy, but now I have a better idea of when and how to do things.

The most successful baby-in-the-real world venture we’ve had yet, happened last week. After my first pilates class (felt wonderful, dad stayed home with the boy, and I was out of the house without the baby and just focusing on me), we decided to go out to dinner and a movie with friends. We brought Lars with us. He was SO GOOD! He slept on and off during dinner, but when he was awake he just looked around, needing a pacifier a few times, but nothing that four of us adults couldn’t handle quietly. After dinner we stopped for ice cream (for those of us/all but me who aren’t breastfeeding and haven’t been put of dairy by the doc). Lars slept. then we went to the movies. Lars slept. I was so nervous. I had the diaper bag open and ready, a pacifier at finger’s reach, a breastfeeding friendly shirt on. Oh I was prepared! He slept through the whole entire thing, opening his eyes fleetingly a few times. That was it. It was amazing. and lucky too, because I really didn’t want to expose my 10 week old to the tumultuous love triangle and vampire violence that is Twilight Eclipse.

Yes, I hadn’t gone to the movies in six months and I willingly went to see Eclipse. and I’m 26.

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Go, Ariana, Go!
This post is part of Fearless Fridays, a series sponsored by method, who makes a hand sanitizer among other wondrous products.


Whether it’s for Mother’s Day or just something you want to get yourself, I couldn’t not tell you about my deep and abiding love for these three products. The first one is the cheapest and my most recent infatuation. The second has been wrapped around my loins since Halloween. The final pick has been heating me up for about a year.

Sleeping mask. While at the blissdom conference, I was given this lavender eye mask. It is perfect for the mornings when some little person wakes me up at 4:30am and returns to sleep but now I can’t… also those mid-afternoon pockets of time that would be perfect for a nap but the room is too bright. This thing works. For about $10 it is a sweet little Mother’s Day or new mama gift. Or just get it for your own self!

This skort by Soybu. I purchased it via Amazon for Halloween in order to be Hermione to my son’s Harry Potter. It arrived as I was leaving for the class parade and party. It is perfect. I’m too modest to wear short skirts in real life, but with the shorts built in, I feel complimentary to ride my bike, play on the floor, and show a little leg. super comfy (like the yoga pants my husband wishes you would stop wearing) and washable. about $35.

ps Skorts that look like shorts in the back are stupid and are missing the point. There, I said it.

My sincere apologies for showing her flat stomach. This skort looks cute on real people, I promise.

Capresso hot water kettle. As they all do in Europe, use instant hot water to make your morning coffee or evening tea; warm up baby bottles; quickly boil water for pasta; heat baby food pouches; make instant oatmeal; etc. So great! At about $50, it is much cheaper than having an instant-hot installed into your kitchen (like I used to have), but it’s no bargain. That said, I use it regularly and had to tell you about it.

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Do you have any favorite products that you tell all your pals about? tell me!

PS totally not sponsored, but if you purchase through our amazon affiliate links, we will get a few cents and be so grateful.


Navigating the stroller through a busy farmers market is a worthwhile challenge. There are so numerous things to look at for your baby, it’s worth the effort. Does this not sound like enough action for you? believe me, it is. You will see other babies, musicians, and tasty food. look around and choose a vegetable your baby hasn’t tried yet. Bring it home and steam and puree or mash with a fork.

Find a local farmers market and go! baby Weston, above, conked out. Baby Adeline (pictured below) was enchanted by the live musician. baby Lucy hit her first Farmers’ Market at 3 days old. This tiny baby (see the foot!) (courtesy of cafemama) doesn’t look much older.

This is your twentieth challenge in our 52-week challenge series.

Did you complete this challenge? Share your story.

Comment below and spill the details. Last time I went to the Farmers’ Market, I was so hot, all I did was purchase an ice cream and leave. Does that count?

Share a picture on instagram or twitter with the hashtag #rookiemoms so we can cheer for you.

Share a picture with us on Facebook. cute baby in stroller? Smashed sweet potato on face? One in a bjorn and one climbing on your shoulder? All good.

There’s no such thing as a baby too young or old for this challenge, but if you’re not in the mood, you can choose another challenge!

Olivia Howell and baby Weston

Choose Your best handbag

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A good handbag can stop you in your tracks. You could be feverishly searching for handbags online, and there it is, shimmering in all its glory — the best handbag. It can be an art to find a purse to match every outfit, but when the ideal handbag comes along, you know it.

There is no such thing as everyday handbags. who carries the same bag all day? A working mommy might need a substantial hobo bag for driving the kids to daycare, a selection of smart handbags for the office, a gym bag for her afternoon workout, and a functional handbag for a trip to the supermarket before dinner. The so-called everyday handbag needs to do lots of functions, and that’s why it’s so hard to find the best one.

Let’s start small and consider the petite statement purses that are so hot ideal now. Whether the occasion is a black-tie affair or a jog in the park, every girl needs a selection of tiny handbags to hold a cell phone, credit scores card, lipstick, and other little essentials. It’s easy to find a selection of diminutive handbags online, lots of with smart features like side-zip pouches and clip-on straps.

On the other end of the spectrum are the massive leather handbags currently carried by trendy celebrity types. Voluminous handbags resembling luggage can hold everything needed for the incredibly mommy on the run, or even an unexpected overnight trip. among the selection of substantial handbags are glamorous jungle cat patterns, sexy suede, and sleek snakeskin designs.

Handbags for the office are taking a no-nonsense approach, with boxy construction that looks a lot like envelopes and briefcases. Hand-held hold purses are in, with helpful wrist straps that make the bags much easier to carry. Hounds-tooth checks and basic plaid designs add retro workplace flair to this season’s handbags for the office.

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When searching for the best handbag, absolutely consider the hottest styles for the season. currently in vogue are very tiny and outrageously oversized bags. leather handbags with animal fur or snakeskin motifs are trending too. Outlandish embellishments, like oversized zippers, spun metal straps, glittering studs and dangling chains, are adding to this season’s handbag selection. In short, designers are promoting a funky fashion sense that makes it a lot more fun than ever to shop for handbags online.

Melissa Davis is chief in editor at, young but fearsome lady with painfully good sense of fashion and fashion streams. Melissa previously worked for number of print magazines as leading stylist and fashion adviser. Her idea is to introduce her audience to the current fashion trends and to offer recommendations that will help every woman to fell as stunning and glamorous as she possibly can.Also loves to write about appeal and health topics.

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STUFF ONE-YEAR-OLD parents must understand

stuff I have to tell you about one-year olds

Parenting a one year old is difficult stuff, people. as well as lots of of your infant-parenting skills don’t transfer. While both are endurance sports, you can leave the space on a newborn as well as be quite sure he’ll stay where you left him.

Before having a baby, I utilized to state I would spend my days on pregnancy leave “chasing my infant around” ”“ I was ridiculous. You don’t chase a baby, you may bow down to his every whim as well as never sleep at night however you don’t begin chasing up until that infant begins to run from you.

Toddlers, with their immense curiosity as well as penchant for power plays, need constant supervision. This is what I would like to tell rookie parents about one-year olds:

1) There is chasing involved.
Did it just get as well quiet? He’s about to autumn on his head. Or gnaw off part of the doorstop boinger. Or worse. My youngster likes to run for the road; he’s totally enamored by all motorized automobiles as well as wishes to be up close. He has likewise figured out exactly how to step stools or chairs near where he wishes to climb (like toward the kitchen area knives). Evil genius. I’m both pleased as well as tired.

2) Mealtimes are absurd with throwing as well as other outlandish behaviors.
Feeding time is crazypants. though one-year olds frequently have the chops to eat almost every type of food, they would rather throw it on the floor without even tasting (Toddler power play: look what I made the full-grown do!). If delegated their own devices, they’d eat, wander, as well as play intermittently grabbing fallen crackers as well as drinking old bottles strewn on every surface like a nasty frat house. fail to remember having one more adult conversation at mealtimes for at least one more year.

3) Wrestling is required. You never have to strong-arm a baby. Am I right? Well, everyday wrestling matches include:

Changing diapers. My kid is STRONG. He twists as well as arches. as well as kicks. into stuff (Ick!). I have discovered to distract with soft toys that don’t hurt as much when it is flung in my face.

Shoving him into a vehicle seat. I have to be firm as well as buckle before he can wiggle down to the ground. I likewise sing songs, tickle, as well as anthropomorphize bit automobiles as a distraction.

Putting on a jacket. I spend a great ten minutes chasing him as well as coaxing him into shoes as well as a coat. putting a hood up is abuse so I prevent it.

4) things just got interesting. These small people are humorous as well as want you to laugh as well as play with them. They begin to have their own hobbies as well as strong opinions. I pointed out that Sawyer likes vehicles; we’re always on the lookout for buses as well as trucks. When I’m driving alone, I discover myself seeking out buses as well as often stating ‘bus’ out loud to nobody.

Slowing down as well as enjoying their constant curiosity is one method to get with this phase of exceptionally strong feelings as well as restricted verbal skills.

What did I forget? What do parents of one-year olds requirement to know?

Stuff newborn parents must know
Stuff I discovered from other parents
Stuff Every mommy must understand (our book, yo!)

MOMMY and ME classes [6 types YOU & baby will LOVE]

everything changes when you become a mother and it can be hard to figure out new routines and activities that are beneficial to both you and your baby. even though it may seem a lot simpler to just stay cooped up at home, both of you need to get out of the house every once in a while! There are all sorts of mommy and me classes out there that will not only get you out of the house but help you to make new mother friends. 

6 types of mommy and Me Classes

These classes will be entertaining for your baby or toddler, but they will also be enriching. They often help to instruct new skills and help the two of you bond. Being around other babies gives your little one a good foundation of social skills as well. best of all, because there are so numerous types of mommy and me classes you can really find something that interests you or that you delighted in pre-baby. 

The classic rotating mommy and Me Classes

While the classes we talk about below will offer a particular service, you can also find a weekly class that rotates activities. activities may include learning songs, artwork, or simply playtime on their indoor playgrounds. This kind of class is provided by Gymboree, one of the original mommy and Me class providers. You may also have a My Gym, Kidville, or YMCA near you that provides the same kind of thing. 

Gymboree makes it very easy to find a class near you; check it out.


Mommy and Me music classes are very popular, and I think it is probably because many babies really delight in music. These classes really keep their attention allowing the two of you to have plenty of fun together. music classes are great for both little babies who love to be bounced along to some good tunes and toddlers that will dance around and maybe even pick up an instrument. Not to mention, dancing and singing together with your little one is a great way to let go and just bond. who knows, you might just be setting the foundation for the next Mozart or John Mayer, whatever is much more your thing. 

Music together has a widespread reach, and so does Kindermusik. 

Mommy and Me Swim Classes

Swimming lessons can really start at any age, and if your family is frequently around water than the sooner the better. mommy and Me swim classes will likely focus on familiarizing your baby with water and help you to get a little exercise in. While some families choose to begin earlier, a good time to start swim lessons is typically around 1 year old. mommy and Me swim classes can also be helpful in guiding you on water safety suggestions and helping you lay the boundaries for your family when it concerns water activities. These classes can typically be found at the YMCA, but you may also have a local company providing them! 

Walking Groups

I know you have seen that big group of mothers walking around the neighborhood pushing their strollers in a pack and wondered what the heck inspires them to get up and get their exercise on. Well, what you are seeing is a mommy and Me walking group and their inspiration for cardio is probably the company of other new moms! Not to mention, pushing that stroller around is actually a really great workout that requires no gym membership and no babysitter.

Some of these groups will be much more casual and others will really focus on fitness, like FIT4MOM. You can check out their mommy and Me Stride 360 class here and look for a location near you. 

Playground Groups

Once you got a rambunctious toddler on your hands, you will be on the search for the ideal playground to keep them entertained. I recommend checking out a playground group that has scheduled meetups so that your toddler can make some easy friends and you will have other mothers to chat with while you push the swing or pull your 2-year-old off the slide they have climbed up the wrong way for the 7th time today. 

You can probably find one of these groups by searching in your local area on Facebook. 

Mommy and Me Yoga

We highly recommend mommy and Me yoga! In fact, we have a whole short article about it that you can check out which discusses when your baby is old enough to start attending and why it is so beneficial to you both. In short, though, we love that yoga is often based on self-care and encourages you to look inward. new mamas can certainly use some of that. as for babies, yoga can help them motor and sensory skills. You can probably find a yoga studio near you that provides a mommy and Me Class, and I would also recommend checking out your local YMCA. 


If you are searching for new mama friends and a community to lean on, be sure to check out our Rookie mothers Facebook Group!

The perfect Daffodil – #WordlessWednesday with #linky on a Tuesday

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Daffodils are my preferred flower so when I saw this in my garden I had to snap a picture.


The perfect Daffodil

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