I’m composing this from a cafe while my middle kid is at a birthday celebration at a bowling alley less than a block away. He thinks I’m in the shower room — though the hosts understand the reality — since he told me I couldn’t leave him alone there. Gosh, I question when he’ll begin worrying about my health.

I wanted to compose to you sharing my views on exactly how correcting our mistakes is much better than being ideal all the time. It’s totally fine to try new things as well as mess them up.

Good thing that screwing up is part of the message since in my self-effacing, sincere video (below), I absolutely misquoted Yoda. who does that? I was later informed by my kids that the saying was from a Captain Underpants book. Oops again.

I hereby formally apologize to George Lucas (and franchise including Disney) in addition to the beloved Dav Pilkey.

How do you design repairing mistakes for your own kids? Is it even on purpose?

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