just when you’re starting to have fun, the toy breaks, the battery dies, or that important piece snaps off the model! What’s a pro parent to do? I have saved myself as well as my household a excellent offer of toy-related heartache with a basic solution: a toy repair work box. This box sits in the wardrobe as well as uses whatever we requirement for a quick toy repair.

Avoid catastrophe with these quick fixes for toy crises

No a lot more digging with the junk drawer in the kitchen area in browse of that elusive coin-shaped enjoy battery or small screwdriver. The toy repair work box absolutely has it all!

So what’s in my toy repair work box?

The contents will depend precisely what kinds of toys your youngsters are into, however for our family, this is what works:

Regular batteries of all sizes: AA, AAA, C, D, as well as 9 volt are the most useful. We utilize AA as well as AAA the most often, so I just keep a mason jar of each as a supplement to my toy repair work box.

Watch batteries – most likely in 2 sizes – you can get a big pack at a hardware store or on Amazon

Coin size batteries

HEXBUG-compatible batteries

Glue: Both incredibly glue as well as gorilla glue manage different kinds of fixes

A little hand pump for blowing things up (balls, balloons, pool floats)

Flathead as well as Philips screwdrivers in a small size

Do you have a toy repair work box? What would you add to yours?

[All pictures by Karen Merzenich]

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