A play kitchen is one of the few toys that your little one will get terrific use out of. Every single one of my kids absolutely loved making my spouse and me their own version of meals while they were a toddler. In fact, I would have to say our diy play kitchen is definitely one of the most useful toys in our house. I love a kid-sized kitchen and the creative ways that my children can stay focused on their pretend desserts and imaginary pasta dishes (while I make a real dinner or throw in a load of laundry).

Now, of course, you could go out and buy a really amazing play kitchen, but these toddler play kitchens cost an arm and a leg. So, why not create one on your own?

The best diy kids Play Kitchens

We’ve all opened up the Pottery Barn catalog and swooned over their gorgeous toddler play kitchens but, once you start adding up all of the pieces it seems more like a dream purchase than a reality. Of, course there are other options like the plastic ones you can find at the toy store, but we knew they are not nearly as cute.

The good news is your toddler will love a play kitchen whether it is made out of a cardboard box, came from Pottery Barn, is plastic and ugly, or if it is as elaborate as some of the incredible diy Kid-Sized Play Kitchens we found below.

Either way, your child will be entertained for hours, days, and years to come as they create the most delicious imaginary meals for you. And, you will love that they have something to occupy their time so that you can get a well-deserved break!

Another terrific reason to build your own toddler play kitchen is that it will be something you can pass down to each of your children. Our play kitchen is the one toy that all of our kids (both boys and girls) played with. Plus, yay for inspiring future male and female chefs!!


If you caught my stories yesterday this may be familiar to you. The remodel of my diy play kitchen is up on the blog. Swipe right to see before pics. unfortunately my boys would still rather jump automobiles off the range hood 😂. – – – #diyblogger #playkitchenmakeover #diyplaykitchen #diytoys #playkitchen #toddlerlife #flashesofdelight #canadianblogger #cdnblogsquad #smmakelifebeautiful #homewithrue #lonnymag #theeverygirlathome

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Not in the mood to DIY? shop these play kitchens, including options under $100!

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How to Make a kids Kitchen:  Start with unwanted furniture

One popular way to create an amazing toddler play kitchen is to start with old unwanted furniture. You may have the perfect piece laying around your own house! another option is to ask family, friends, and neighbors. You will be surprised by how eager some people are to gift a piece of furniture away.

Of course, you can also scour Craigslist or start looking at local garage sales to find that perfect piece to create your toddler kitchen too!

Here are a few diy play kitchens as inspiration for you:

From young house Love, John and Sherry started with an old cabinet and about $74 to make their daughter Clara a play kitchen. They have a ton of skills with real house projects and it shows in their work. For the rest of us, cabinets and entertainment centers are still a wonderful base if you have one or can easily score one on CraigsList.

source and instructions

Another cheaper alternative is this super cute kid-sized toddler kitchen by At home With Ashley. She built her adorable play kitchen out of a $10 thrift store entertainment center. A pretty sweet deal, right? I also like the compact size of this one. Plus, how cute is the oven light?

Create an Ikea kids kitchen – start from Ikea components

One of the easiest toddler play kitchen hacks is to start with a new or used IKEA DUKTIG. It’s already pretty amazing on its own and with just a few additions you can create something spectacular with it. Of course, if you buy it new it does require you to put it all together and we all know how easy it is to assemble IKEA furniture- NOT! But, honestly, this one isn’t that bad.

My favorite toddler Play kitchen made with the Ikea Duktig comes from visual Vocabularie. I mean the GOLD & the MARBLE FINISH!!!! I am absolutely in love with it!! You can head to her blog right here for full instructions and a list of needed materials so that you can price it out.

You can also create your own diy toy kitchen using individual Ikea components for even less! Heather also spotted this diy play kitchen by Virginia years ago, and hoped she would make it herself. Brilliant. Heather already had and loved the dishware from green toys — made from entirely recycled milk bottles obtained in California.

Here is another fun Ikea Play kitchen Hack from Spacey Casey Creates. She uses the Ikea Rast Nightstand which clocks in at a whopping $14.99. What a deal! 

It turns out that IKEA-hacking your way to diy success is totally a thing in its own right, check out these amazing Ikea Play Kitchens here.

Ideas to build a diy toy kitchen Yourself

For hard-core DIY’ers who want more play kitchen ideas, you may want to veer away from the Ikea components and pre-existing furniture and really over-achieve. If so, I salute you. 

One of my absolute favorite play kitchens that I found came from the incredibly talented mom at 1dogwoof.com. I mean seriously what is not to love about this play kitchen?? You can get the full tutorial and complete and detailed instructions right here.

And, how gorgeous is this little pink play kitchen I found on Instagram? Hey, are we pals on Insta yet?? if not head to our Instagram page and leave a comment. I would love to connect with you!!


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Chloe’s folks from Rambling Renovators followed the instructions from Grace’s Play Stove at Ana-White.com and embellished with a magnetic hinge on the oven door and a little LED light to glow when food is cooking. The results are amazing.

I think the award for easiest and cheapest overall goes to the Pink Cake Plate. I mean how adorable (and practical) is their Rubbermaid Bin Play Kitchen?

Alright, are you feeling ready to diy the play kitchen of your little one’s dreams? I hope so! This is such a fun project that you can do together and endless ways to customize it to your liking. plus when it is all said and done, your little one will love whipping up meals for you.

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