how you can tell I am still a rookie: I am fumbling through preschool soccer lessons! I registered Milo for his first organized classes (since music together years ago) to celebrate his love for ball-sports (and his favorite red shorts). soccer drills and skills are taught along with songs and games (which he also loves). The first few lessons, he showed rapt attention and an aptitude for soccer that surprised and amazed me. Go kid go. The last few lessons, he demonstrated typical toddler lack-of-attention and amused defiance. stop kid stop.

But my dilemma is this: what was I supposed to do about it?

Milo during a cooperative moment

Whenever Milo asked me, “Mommy, join the circle,” I sat or stood by him attentively. other times, I tried to blend in with the spectating parents in the margins. but what’s my role when he’s carrying his ball off in the opposite direction of the class? Do I intervene or leave it to the coach? Does she want parental support or to take care of it herself? And, since it is soccer for two- and three-year olds, isn’t she expecting a certain amount of terrible behavior?

Gratuitous video of my kid kicking ass ball.

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