OOPS! completely IMPERFECT WITHOUT even trying

I’m composing this from a cafe while my middle kid is at a birthday celebration at a bowling alley less than a block away. He thinks I’m in the shower room — though the hosts understand the reality — since he told me I couldn’t leave him alone there. Gosh, I question when he’ll begin worrying about my health.

I wanted to compose to you sharing my views on exactly how correcting our mistakes is much better than being ideal all the time. It’s totally fine to try new things as well as mess them up.

Good thing that screwing up is part of the message since in my self-effacing, sincere video (below), I absolutely misquoted Yoda. who does that? I was later informed by my kids that the saying was from a Captain Underpants book. Oops again.

I hereby formally apologize to George Lucas (and franchise including Disney) in addition to the beloved Dav Pilkey.

How do you design repairing mistakes for your own kids? Is it even on purpose?

Back To school schedules With totally free Printables

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Going Back to School

Going back to school can be a challenging transition for everyone in the household. It is especially hard on your child. Your child‘s days go from having fun all day, to working and studying all day. getting the up, dressed, fed and packed in the morning brings on new stresses for them and for mom. then getting the home, wrestling them to their homework, and combating them on bed time are a whole other feat in themselves.

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Schedule Your Child’s Days

I believe that if you schedule your child’s days, and post this schedule on a wall for all to see their will be far less arguments. The kids will know what is expected of them, and just like they have time slots for everything in school; they will follow those same guidelines at home.

(I learned how to make these printables by following the tutorial in The Sits Girls)

After school Schedule

totally free Printable

Unpack backpack – give mother or father all essential papers and set homework aside on designated homework table.

Get A Snack (Mom pro Tip: have the snack prepared before your child gets home to save time)

Talk about Day – speak with your child about their day while they delight in their snack. This will keep you connected, and in the loop.

Do homework -Preferably have your child do their homework at the kitchen or dining room table so that you are easily available to them if they have homework questions (and so you know they are actually doing their homework)

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Play Time – allowing your child play time before dinner will burn off any excess energy they have built up, and build their appetite for dinner

Dinner Time – eating dinner as a family is another way to stay connected to your child(ren). It’s a terrific way to learn new information about them, and it helps keep the working parent connected to the child as well.

Help clean Up – having your child help you clean up after dinner teaches them responsibility doesn’t end at school

Take a walk or Play a game – trying to do this each day with your child is a terrific way to bond with them while having fun and letting loose a little

Pack backpack and lay out clothes – packing your child’s backpack the night before will make for a much less stressful morning for everyone. double check to make sure homework is in there, and make sure their lunch is available for them in the fridge. also laying out their clothes, or having them do it the night before leaves for little arguments in the morning.

Bath, brush and Bed – after all is said and done make sure your child bathes (or showers), brushes their teeth, and gets into bed. At bedtime make sure to continue your bedtime rituals as suitable (songs, books, ect.), kiss them good night and relax. You made it another day!

Before school Schedule

totally free Printable

Eat breakfast – I suggest this as the first task in the morning so that the child doesn’t unintentionally spill on their school clothes. In addition, O.J. doesn’t taste too good with freshly brushed teeth.

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Brush Teeth – I suggest this before getting dressed as well so there is no accidental toothpaste or “spit” on your child’s clothes

Get dressed and Do Hair – In the clothes that all laid out from the night before. Also, doing their hair after they get dressed leaves less chance of it becoming messy before school.

Constructive Play Time – I particularly don’t like it loud in the morning. So my ideas for play in the morning are reading a book, coloring or drawing, or something else that is neither messy or loud.

Put Lunch in backpack – keep the backpacks by the door the kids go out so they will be hard to miss.

Walk to Bus stop or Drive To school -Depending on where you live and what your schedule is, having that time with your child before they go off to school is essential for them.

Then you can go about your mother company for the rest of the day! I hope these suggestions help make your back to school transition a breeze! Do you have any other suggestions for mothers during this time? Share them below.

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