considering that I can still fit into my 9th grade cheerleading outfit (that’s a brag, not a humble brag), I have used it a lot more than once on Halloween to coordinate with my son’s football player costume. I bet some of you would like to dress up in partnership with your babes as well. We love mommy and baby Halloween costumes and whole family Halloween costumes, too. here are 7 swell ideas on a range of creative themes.

Here are 7 Super ideas for mommy and baby Halloween Costumes:

1. Wizard of Oz Duo mommy & baby Costume

We’ll kick off this list of ideas with an charming Wizard of Oz duo. After all, you can’t go wrong with a baby in a fluffy lion suit!

Find my favorite baby lion costume here and the best Dorothy costume for mama here.

Baby lion and mommy is Dorothy

2. star Wars

Heather already declared her love for Princess Leia as a mommy costume. Her reasoning; it masks a post-partum stomach and allows kids of any age to be Luke Skywalker or any number of other star Wars personality. So what if Leia and Yoda never actually interact in the legends? This day is about fantasy.

Check out the best Princess Leia costume here!

Toddler is Yoda, mommy is Princess Leia

3. toy story Crew

A baby Woody and mama Jessie make for an charming Halloween duo! Your little one could also dress up as Buzz or even Mr. Potato Head. The rest of the family can also hop in and be part of the toy story crew considering that there are so lots of characters!

The outfits in the picture are available on Amazon but also be sure to check out the pajama version of Woody here.

Toy story costumes in all sizes

4. The sports Theme

There are tons of options when it pertains to creating a mommy & me sports Halloween costume. You can dress your baby as a football and then be a football player, referee, or cheerleader. You can get hold of an outfit from Etsy to make this an easy costume or get your crafty pants on and make make with a brown onesie and fabric paint.

Alternatively, your baby can dress up as a sports superstar with a souvenir jersey. add black face paint under the eyes. You can go as the referee!

Order a referee tee shirt here. (Just add black pants or leggings!).

Referee costumes are easy to wear

5. The Bee Keeper and Her Bee

This costume really is the bee’s knees! It is a true mommy & me costume with an outfit for mommy and carrier cover so you can continue babywearing even on Halloween. This indicates you’ll be hands-free to chow down on candy.

Check it out here!

6. Muppets

For Muppet fans, dress your baby as Kermit and yourself miss Piggy. However, I’m not wild about the way the miss Piggy store-bought costume looks. I think it would be better to rock a Hollywood-style dress with miss Piggy’s glamourous style than the lady in this picture, so let’s forget about her and imagine Adele instead.

Dad, please don’t try to join the party as Gonzo. It’s scary.

7. Barista & a Pumpkin spice Latte

Take your love of Starbucks to a whole new level by dressing up as a barista and a little latte!

You can find a barista costume here. And, how cute is this coffee cup costume?

It also comes in a long sleeve version if you live in colder climates!

Comes with the signature hat as well!

Save these ideas on Pinterest for later!

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