Make tomorrow’s dinner tonight when both partners can be on duty

Since ending up being a mom, I have been experimenting with lots of different ways to get dinner on the table with minimal fuss. I was a freakin’ industrial engineer in college as well as I’ve been a administration expert for over ten years. Why is this still so difficult for me?! obviously during those working-sans-baby years, I was just eating dinner out all the time or having cereal.


One recommendation that Alec as well as I have tried is to make tomorrow’s dinner tonight. That is, after we’ve been fed as well as little ones are in bed, we are prepare dinner for tomorrow.

We discovered this hack by accident, like when we believed beef stew or lasagna was something we might just throw together in time for tonight as well as had to eat something (like my old buddy cereal) while cooking. The resulting huge meal can be eaten the rest of the week.

Cook dinner after dinner. No joke. Sunday night, make two dinners as well as put one in a casserole dish. Monday night, microwave it, as well as you’re eating five minutes after you get home. After dinner when kids are a lot more calm (and tummies are full), cook up the next night’s meal as well as save it. I even set the table the night before since that very first period of time at house after work is SO hard, having dinner all set is fabulous. – See a lot more at:

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Have you ever, on purpose, tried to make dinner after dinner? What’s your go-to?

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