Your baby will love to cheer you on as you learn a new instrument. Probably. — Photo: Giu Vicente

Do you play guitar, harmonica, or the plastic comb? If you’ve got ”˜em, shake your maracas.

If you want to learn a new instrument, your baby is a good audience. RookieDad Alec chose to get a little much more major about playing guitar once Holden was born. He started taking weekly lessons and would frequently practice his new drills in front of our captive child.

It turns out that Alec is either a superstar or Holden doesn’t care if he’s just tuning the guitar. “Geee-tar” was one of Holden’s first words… followed closely by “pick pick pick”.

You completely are worthy of to find a pastime or passion that will make your heart sing. another way to take this guidance is to purchase a heap of baby-friendly instruments and start a family band.

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