next Friday, September 20 is national PARK(ing) Day, an art-slash-activism event that encourages people to occupy a public auto parking area with a diy park. There are about 1000 short-term parks across the globe this year.

This one was created by the people who work at technique in downtown San Francisco. The concept is that you just feed the meter all day, entitling you to utilize the area for the things you’d like to perform in a park. In the situation of the PARK(ing) area above, they set up a putting hole.

Here’s one in Seattle.

How can you participate? If you act quickly, you might make your own auto parking space. The site has a handbook for doing so. Or just freeload off of somebody else’s organizational skills: inspect out the map on the PARK(ing) Day website.

Note: The individual experience is kind of awful on the Google Map. Go down to the bottom of the listings to discover that there are several pages of maps. click on each of them to see if much more points of rate of interest appear. (On the very first page, there were not any type of parklets organized in my area, however subsequent pages exposed more.) Is there a place near you that you can stroll by?

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